Creating Your Own Future

The activities under Create Your Own Future are intended to promote and support career development using a whole school approach as an integral component of student learning, including age-appropriate career activities to support public school students in their specific grade level and assist post-secondary education students in their career development pathways.

These resources are also meant to provide students with the opportunity to explore and undertake activities relating to self-assessment and self-exploration, the development of entrepreneurial skills, career experience and workplace experience, networking and making connections, and planning for the future.

Social Enterprising and Entrepreneurship

The activities under Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship are intended to promote personal growth and empowerment with opportunities for students to create a connection between themselves, their interests and strengths within an entrepreneurial mindset. These resources also set the stage for students to make connections to their families, culture, school, post-secondary education institution, local organizations, neighbourhood, towns, cities, and campuses. Social enterprise and entrepreneurship will be the backdrop to support and promote career development.

Overarching activities have been developed for public education and post-secondary education levels to assist students in their reflection on personal strengths and opportunities as well as plan to achieve their goals. Videos featuring students reflecting on their personal career and learning journeys are also included.


Students in schools, universities, and community colleges will have new opportunities to strengthen real-life and work experiences by discovering experiential learning practices and exemplars that students can use to explore and plan career options.

These exemplars are presented to inspire and encourage students to replicate, modify, and adapt to fit their own unique experiences and situations. Through these exemplars, students are invited to connect with their communities, to establish networks by developing new skills, to expand their opportunities, and to discover career pathways by undertaking concrete activities and practices.